Countertops, Tile and Backsplash

This is a great way to start the selection of the stone for your countertops, floors, etc/

Select quartz, granite, marble, etc.  (whichever you choose)

Make your selection(s) and click on the picture of the stone

Look to the right of the screen and you will see “visualizer’

Click on “visualizer” and you can see the stone you have selected on the countertop in the kitchen or bathroom.. You can also change the colors of the walls, floors, cabinets, to see how it will look in your room.

Select the stone(s) you like and email or call and let me know your selections.  We can then set an appointment and I will bring the samples, measure, and give you a price. 


Interior and exterior , texturing, faux painting


Natural Stone, Ceramic, Laminate, Tile, Wood